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baby with a uti or something else?

Hello VP'rs I have a quiestion that is kind of vagina related. My dd is 1 and has been acting terribly sick with a high fever, terrible time sleeping and just acting out of it even when medicated and her temp is lower. The doc. suspects that it is either a virus or a uti. He wants me to wait until friday and if she is still sickly to bring her back and the will do a cath. We have been fighting a constant diaper rash that will come and go for months. I started using lotrimin in the am and pm and the rash has pretty much gone away. While the rash was bad she would scratch her vuvla when I would take her diaper off. She pretty much stopped this as the rash subsided. Now she is back scratching again. Can toddlers get yeast infections(in the vagina)? She had thrush in her mouth could it spread into her vagina? Does this sound more uti related. Is there something else I could be missing? Is there any other way to test for uti w/o a catheter?

Edited to update: I took dd in to her normal ped yesterday afternoon. She had finally been fever free all day so they were thinking it wasn't a uti. They did notice that she was breaking out in a rash everywhere and might have something like Roseola or something like it. She also now has a red throat and some loos stool. On top of all of that she is cutting 4 molars. She is perking up a bit but still feels downright miserable. The doc. looked at her rash and suggested that I make a paste of lotrimin and triple antibiotic ointment since her skin is so sensitive to everything else. Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions yesterday. I will continue to keep up with the unsweetened yogurt and baking soda baths for the yeast.
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