dragonarya (dragonarya) wrote in vaginapagina,

Just a bit of a question here!

Hi everyone, I'd just like to ask a little question about something that happened to me this morning, and I'm not sure where else to go but I figured this would be a pretty good place. :)
I'm an eighteen year old female and last night I was masturbating in a serious way for the first time. When I say "serious" I mean actually trying to achieve orgasm because while previously I experimented with some minor finger insertion I never really kept at it long. So I was rubbing my clitoris, slowly at first and then very, very fast, and I wasn't being too careful but after several minutes I was forced to stop (not by any physical sensation but by outside factors), which wasn't a big deal but rather frustrating, because when I tried to start up again I couldn't really... capture the sensation again? And so I was being even less careful and my fingers were rather dry and I started feeling a bit of a burn-like sensation, like rug burn or turf burn down there. No big, I stopped, went to sleep.
So this morning, when I got up to do my morning rituals and everything, go to the bathroom... I didn't experience pain during urination but when I wiped a little bit of redness came off on the toilet paper and my bits were very sore to the touch. I'm not sure if this means I have an infection of some sort (I keep my hands very clean, so I doubt it), because I didn't have pain during urination or even now, while I'm just sitting at the computer or walking around! My urine was also a normal color. What I'm worried about is that I somehow managed to damage something during my frenzy? Should I just wait and see if it will heal? The redness didn't seem to be active bleeding, maybe I just opened a scab or something? Or aggravated the general area's soreness? Also, my fingers went inside my vagina but I doubt I tore my hymen because it was only one finger and as I said above, I previously did that and I think I tore my hymen several years ago.
I'd appreciate any input, thank you all in advance!
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