Phoenix_Chan54 (phoenix_chan54) wrote in vaginapagina,

Instead soft cups and sex

I currently use a Diva Cup, and love it, but I was thinking about getting these so that I could have sex during my period without it being "messy". I've been in a long distance relationship for a year and a half (we've been dating for 2 years, but I moved out of state 6 months after we started dating), and 2 out of the 3 times we've seen each other in person since then, I've been on my period. I'm not really opposed to period sex, and I don't think he is either, but the idea that I'm "bleeding on him" is a bit gross for me. I was wondering, has anyone tried the Instead Soft Cups? Have you had sex while using them? Was it fairly clean? I was thinking if I take a bath, insert the cup right after I get out of the tub, and then have sex, it should be fairly clean, right? Thanks for any advice! ^_^
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