the love of your life lives but lies no more (boltonlove) wrote in vaginapagina,
the love of your life lives but lies no more

pregnancy or missed period?

Alright, so I have a period tracker on my phone that tells me I'm 9 days late today. According to this tracker I'm usually around 3 days late anyways, but now I'm up to 9 so depending on what you trust, I'm either 6 days late or 9. I've taken 5 pregnancy tests (Clear Blue) and they're all negative, but still no period. I have the pain in my stomach similar to the one I get when I'm about to start my period, but I've been stressing myself out so much about this that I really don't know what to trust. The only reason I'm worried is because according to my period tracker I was ovulating the day I had unprotected sex (for like a minute at the beginning, but still unprotected). I'm setting an appointment up for a blood test tomorrow, but what are the odds that at home pregnancy tests would be coming up negative in the first week since a missed period? It's been 40 days since the end of my last period.
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