stubbynails09 (stubbynails09) wrote in vaginapagina,

A lot of discharge

So I just entered a monogamous heterosexual relationship. We've been having LOTS of sex. At least twice a day almost every day. When we first entered the relationship we had what I like to call marathon sex and all of the irritation gave me a yeastie which I cured with with some OTC creme and started feeling better. This was 3 weeks ago.
We had sex yesterday, twice again. I noticed that I've had A LOT of discharge today. It's clear, watery, doesn't smell or hurt (minus irritation from all of the sex but I'm used to that.) The discharge has been really heavy I already soaked through a pair of underwear today. Also occupying this discharge are the sweats/chills and a occasionally kind of stuffy nose. I've been under a lot of stress and have been suffering through what someone has called a migraine for about a week :/
This has never happened to me before. Could this be something serious? Or is my body just overly turned on? Or am I just getting sick. I don't have health insurance or really the time to visit a doctor but if it gets too be too much I'll have to make the time.
Thanks in advance!

I took some migraine medicine last night so the headache, chills/sweats went away after a while (so possibly that was unrelated) and I got a good night's sleep but I woke up to two puddles of discharge on my sheets (which I haven't had for longer than a week ugh oh well.) I'm still pretty sore from sex so I think I might hold off for another day or so and see if its just a pH imbalance. If you have any other thoughts or suggestions please let me know and thank you to the members who gave advice so far!
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