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Hi all!

I am trying to get an app. with my GP, buuuuut I need to get it off my chest.

2 weeks back I was in hospital for a hymenotomy, due to having a thick microperforate hymen. It was meant to be an outpatient procedure, but when I came round they told me I had to stay in overnight - it was thicker than they had anticipated, and they had needed to put a pack inside and thus a catheter (yay).

They told me I would need to use dilators after about two weeks and there was a risk of it scarring back over in the meantime; I should try and push it open while showering/bathing during the healing process to try and prevent this (again, joy).

It was actually not too painful for the first couple of days, but got more so for the 2-3 days after that, though there was never much bleeding. I went back to work a week later, and ended up having to leave early because I was so drained and in some pain. While I did try to push it open with a finger when showering, it was a) still uncomfortable from the surgery and b) not something I was used to so I don't know if I was going 'far' enough.

Two weeks on, I think (not sure) I may have the beginnings of an infection, I am sore again, and I have a terrible, terrible feeling I have scarred over to pretty much the same condition as I was in before. Hence why I am trying to get an app. with the doc, as my follow up at the hosptital isn't for another month. I am 21. This is something I have been aware is not quite right for years, and now it is finally dealt with - but perhaps not. I'm meant to be starting to use the dilators in a couple of days but just the thought makes me cringe in pain.

Whenever I think about it too much I mostly just one to cry because it's not (i)fair(/i). Which is a stupid childish thing to think but it just feels like one more thing preventing my life from going smoothly.
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