Lia (wyldlittlepoet) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird and wonderful world of periods

Heya superstars!

I have a couple questions, all about menstruation and the wacky stuff that it can do to your body. It might verge on TMI, but I don't think that's much of a concern in this comm!

1. Ever since I've had painful cramps (so in the past 5 years ago), the pain has radiated down into my genital region. Does this happen to anyone else? To explain more fully, when I have menstrual cramps, my junk hurts just as much as my abdomen. It strikes me as interesting but not a weird thing to happen, since nerves are all connected, etc.

2. The first day of my period since I've been menstruating, I've always had a specific kind of poop. Regardless of what I've been eating, or how much water I've been drinking, or if I'm sick or not, my first period poop always has the same general properties. How is that even possible????

3. So, I know science goes back and forth on whether menstruating people who live together will have periods that sync up eventually. I've lived with menstruating partners for the past, oh, 5 years or so, and I've noticed that while my period doesn't always sync up, I will get a migraine on the day of or the day before my partner gets their period. What is up with that????

4. (not related, but important nonetheless.) I tend to use this userpic while posting on VP. Does anyone find that problematic or offensive? Because I will totes change it in that case! :)
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