Jessica (galaxy_soup) wrote in vaginapagina,

non-hormonal ways to control pms symptoms?

Are there any non-hormonal methods of controlling anxiety and mood swings at the start of your period?

I've had pretty severe symptoms for as long as I can remember- anxiety, panic attacks, inconsolable crying over nothing. It usually lasts for the four two-four days of my period. In the past I was able to take birth control and that helped reduce the symptoms, but three years ago I had a stroke and am now unable to take any kind of hormonal birth control.

It makes me miserable because I feel like I lose control of who I am, and for four days of every month I'm some crying, clingy, anxious mess of a person. I'm willing to try anything at this point; anxiety medication, vitamins, herbs, non-hormonal birth control methods. Any advice or suggestions would be really appreciated!
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