Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in vaginapagina,

Their Kink Is Not My Kink

I have friends who are kinky and while I support their right to do that, I am getting really uncomfortable when they're doing things about it around me.

I've been known to indulge in non-lifestyle kink myself and I do actually have friends - and a former partner - who are lifestyle. Kink itself bothers me about zero percent, but I definitely want to be able to consent to being involved and I have some hard lines that I wouldn't get involved in in the first place.

Puppy play and age play are two of those hard lines and this couple seems to be doing both and they're taking it out of the bedroom and... I really don't want to be involved in that. By this I mean:

Last night, at a party where we were playing boardgames, he whined at her that she was doing something else during her turn and her response was, "Baby, mommy will make you pay for that later." The rest of the evening continued as thought it were, well, an age play scene and not a group of adults who got together for drinks, dinner, and boardgames, up to the girlfriend taking her boyfriend to the bathroom with her to make sure he could go potty.

Puppy play seems to be going along the same lines. They're not doing anything terribly overt but it's rapidly becoming more and more clear that they're doing more and more while other people, myself included, are around. I know I'm not the only person who's uncomfortable when we're out at a bar for a pint and the boyfriend starts panting and whining, with his "paws" up, and his girlfriend pats him on the head with a, "Good puppy, do you want a treat?"

When this guy and I were friends almost ten years ago, this same shit went down and I had a talk with his girlfriend at the time - with whom I was much closer and am still - and it went pretty badly. Former girlfriend and he acted like I was trying to control what was happening in the bedroom when it was more like, "So if I run into you at a coffee shop at 9 am and say hi, I am not consenting to be involved in your scene." After they broke up, the guy moved cross country and he's only recently moved back, and it's the same song and a different verse.

Am I actually being controlling? Because, like I said, I tend to do kinky things, too, and I would never dream of involving someone in a scene without consent.
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