Princess Lyssa Lovegood (lyssa027) wrote in vaginapagina,
Princess Lyssa Lovegood

heavy abnormal bleeding

I've always been really regular with my periods, even when I was on birth control, and I've never had any spotting or anything.

But awhile ago I stopped taking birth control pills, I was on Loestrin, but I was getting really bad side effects from it, and my periods were longer than they had been, so I stopped taking it, that was around the middle of March.

My periods were completely normal for about three months. Then in July, my period came, and it was heavy, but it wasn't anything abnormal, but after my period ended, I started spotting a lot, specifically after a bowel movement. I know it's definitely vaginal blood because I checked. The spotting wasn't very bad, more inconvenient than anything, but it didn't last long and it wasn't much blood.

About three weeks ago, I had very heavy vaginal bleeding. It wasn't when my period was due. It was about two weeks after my period. It basically felt like something exploded in me, and I was constantly bleeding. I'd be at the toilet for over an hour while the blood just poured out, and it was bright red blood, so it was fresh blood. I also had heavy clots. Some of the clots were as big as golf balls.

I started feeling weak and light-headed and was bleeding through a pad in about twenty minutes and would up in ER. I wasn't pregnant and I didn't miscarry. They thought it might be DUB, but since I had a gyno appointment in about two days, they didn't do anymore testing.

I went to see my gyno about this, as soon as I could. She said everything felt normal. She did a pap smear, my cervix bled when she took the swipe, and she had me get several blood tests. That was about two weeks ago, I haven't gotten any calls or anything from her, so I assume all my blood-work came back normal. She also prescribed beyaz for me. I've been on that for almost three weeks now.

She also sent me for an ultrasound, both types, the outside one and inside one. That was Monday, I haven't heard anything about that.

Recently, the blood started again. I had a huge bloody incident on Tuesday that lasted about thirty minutes with clots, but the bleeding calmed down after that. But today, the bleeding has been very heavy. I was in the bathroom for about an hour, again, and blood just kept pouring out and there were several clots.

I have no idea what's going on. If anyone has an idea, I'd really appreciate it. I'm starting to go back to work on Monday [I'm a teacher and we were on summer break] but I'm already freaked out because I don't know how I can teach, when at times, I'm in the bathroom for about an hour due to the bleeding and clots.

I plan to call my gynecologist on Monday and double-check to make sure my test results are okay, and tell them that the bleeding hasn't stopped yet. But I'm stressed and scared and nervous, and I just have no idea what's wrong with my body.

Thanks in advance for reading this
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