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When will I stop bleeding?

Hey ya'll-
I got my iud (paragard) inserted one month ago. I spotted/leaked/bled for 4 days after insertion. Insertion was mostly just annoying, not painful. I had cramps the day of insertion and took a long nap. Besides that I was fine.

Now, I am having my first iud period. I am currently on day 14. My usual period is 4-6 days long, with the first day very light, the second and third day extremely heavy, and the last few days tapering off into nothing. So when my period started two weeks ago, it was very light, no cramps, very easy and I'm like "oh gosh I love paragard periods! This is easy!" And then it just kept going and going AND GOING. I had maybe two days of medium heavy bleeding, then a lot more very very very light days, and then nothing for almost a day. Then we had PIV sex, and that started the bleeding again for about 12 hours. Not a ton, just some pinkish/red on a pantiliner and it took like 12 hours to even be very much at all, but it would be enough to wreck underwear. The next day we had PIV sex again (the bleeding wasn't happening then) and then after sex, more bleeding! But still extremely light and pinkish/red. The next day it has turned into brownish red, not a lot but enough to wreck underwear still. My husband has average penis size, and he has bumped my cervix a few times but not to the point that I'm like "oh my god that hurts so bad".

Sooo to wrap up, I think my period is over, have sex, keep bleeding, is this my period, is it not? Ahhh. Nothing hurts, no cramps, my strings and all that are still exactly how they have been since getting this thing in here. I know it takes time for my body to adjust, but is this all normal? I am just tired of worrying about ruining all my underwear. Plus I want to make sure this is all what should be (or is acceptable) to be happening.

Also, a quick about me: no kids, no pregnancies, 25. Average height/weight ratio, vegan, the only exercise I get is at work (I wait tables) and I take medication: lamictal and wellbutrin.

The google hasn't told me anything helpful, only that I'm probably dying or something else awful so I quit reading it. I figured I'd ask here because you people are always so helpful!

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