defeatist (rivulets) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stopping use of Mini Pill (Micronor)--Experiences?

Hello all!

It's been quite difficult to find any info on this throughout the rest of the internet, perhaps because progestin only birth control isn't used as frequently as combination HBC's? Anyways--I have been on the generic version of Micronor for about 2 years now and am starting to seriously consider stopping use. I am on this BC because of issues with estrogen, so combination pills are definitely not an option (and I did one round of the Depo shot and absolutely hated it), which is why I've stayed on this pill despite my unpleasant side-effects: it has only intensified my already irregular cycles, adds to my pms-type mood swings and anxiety, makes it difficult to maintain my previously stable weight, and causes my breasts to become extremely sore about a week out of every month--the hypochondriac in me thinks I'm pregnant every time my breasts get sore, so this symptom in particular has been pretty unpleasant. Because of all of the above, I've just gotten pretty fed up with taking HBC in general, and I'm thinking of just relying on charting my fertility cycles and using condoms as my primary forms of pregnancy prevention.

I'm wondering if any of you lovely people have quit the mini-pill, and, if so, what were your experiences like? From the little info I've already gathered, it seems like I might just be able to expect a more intensified version of what I've already been experiencing? When I was using the Depo shot, I experienced withdrawal bleeding for the last month or so of actually being on the shot, and for about a month after the hormones were completely out of my system. Could this be an indicator of what I'll experience when going off of the mini pill as well?

Thanks so much for any and all information!
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