~* (funkyfresh) wrote in vaginapagina,

Still no period... help!

So I tried the parsley tea, both fresh and dried, vitamin C and dong quai... and still no period! I'm gassy and bloated and kinda sorta crampy, but I'm not even spotting. I'm set to get my period on Saturday but I'd REALLY lie to get it by tomorrow the latest. I've been masturbating and having sex with ny boyfriend to try to speed things up but to no prevail!

If you remember, I'm the one who is see to get her period a day into her Wed long vacation :( I was sooo hopeful the parsley/vitamin C was going to work, and when it didn't I was sooo hopeful adding the dong quai was the trick... sigh.

My last option is getting progesterone and trying to delay it from coming. Do you think this would work if I got it tonight? I have an appointment at planned parenthood (my doctor is kinda old and old fashioned and said it would take months to delay my period...) and hoping they can help. Is this pointless as I've already been taking things to bring it ON? Are there any last minute ideas I can try to get this period going? Pleeeaase and thank you!
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