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Anonymous post: circumcision

Greetings, fellow Superstars! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments. :)

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for the VP Team

Hi VP,

I am currently 7.5 months pregnant with my first child. Through sonograms we've found out that we are having a boy. My fiancee and I are currently weighing the pros and cons of male circumcision and would like to make an informed decision.

We are from the US, where the procedure is fairly common. The men in both of our families have been circumcised. We have no particular religious affiliation that would call for circumcision. My fiancee is circumcised and all male sexual partners I have had have also been circumcised.

I am having a difficult time finding non-biased information regarding leaving a male child "intact." However, I have been able to find studies and statistics listing the medical benefits and worldwide prevalence of male circumcision and I have familiarized myself the AAP's position on the topic.

Thus far, I have consulted with my OBGYN (in favor), my fiancee (on the fence), some of my friends with children (mostly in favor, one or two against), and my mother who has been a labor and delivery nurse for 30+ years now (in favor).

Please let me know your thoughts on male circumcision and why or why not you would choose circumcision for your male child.
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