Miss Awesome (in_the_eyes_of) wrote in vaginapagina,
Miss Awesome

Birth control question (for whatever reason, LJ isn't allowing me to start new paragraphs)

I had the Essure procedure done last year but I still haven't had the follow up testing, insurance issues blah blah. My physician started me on Tri-Sprintec (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets - triphasic regimen) and he's been authorizing refills since I haven't had the confirmation testing. I take my pills straight through, meaning I don't skip a week/use placebo pills - I just start with my next pack. Recently, I have been having extremely light spotting, it was incredibly irritating so I called the doctor (it has within the last four days or so stopped completely).. the nurse I spoke with said they called a different birth control to the pharmacy. I picked it up and obviously did some reading about it (mind you, everything I read was conflicting and old from 2009ish), Previfem (norgestimate and ethinyl etradiol tablets - 28 day regimen), the package says it's the generic for Sprintec 28. What's the difference? I just took the last active pill from my original brand, in theory I would be starting the inactive week but I plan to just start a new pack... if there isn't a difference between the two pills, I'm going to call the pharmacy and just request they refill my original prescription. I really don't want throw a wrench into what I already have going, even though I had the weird spotting this month, my period has been pretty cooperative with me. Help?
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