alleriah8 (alleriah8) wrote in vaginapagina,

HSV-2 continued, plus a weird symptom

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me with advice on my last recent post. Luckily I prepared myself for "the worst case scenario", so the grieving process has been less intense. I am still going through feelings that are negative and feel the need to change my underwear at times, and that EVERYONE who talks to me in person knows, but I think full acceptance of this will come in time.

I've obviously done some research, but a lot of what I've read is basically that everyone's symptoms are different. However, only one symptom has been something that's hard to ignore and is apparently not the most common. I keep getting leg pains (like I mentioned in my last post). The pains are always in the back of my legs and they happen at random times (will wake me up at 2am, while I'm at work, etc.) I've looked this symptom up, and even though other people have experienced this, no one on the sites I've looked at knows what to do to help the pain. Tylenol helps some, but not enough for full relief. On the bad days, I find myself taking two every 4 hours, which I really don't want to get into a habit of doing.

I'm not sure if the pain will subside after the other symptoms go away, so I may be jumping ahead of myself. A couple reasons why I'm concerned is because I'm getting ready to start working 6 days a week, mostly on my feet, and some people on the sites said that their pain is off and on but all the time. When I told my dr about the leg pain when I first went to get blood drawn, she said she had never heard of that being associated with HSV and sort of dismissed it. I've tried roughing it out, but it won't be so easy when I start working my 6 day schedule.

Anyone else experience this or have solutions as to what I can do to help this? I definitely don't want this controlling my life, but I can see that happening if this pain continues.
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