ohokra (ohokra) wrote in vaginapagina,

menstrual cup sex?

Ok this might be a dumb question but i was wondering if anyone who has had sex while wearing a softcup or similar thing can let me know what its like; specifically if you can feel the blood that is being held in the cup sloshing around during sex. I can't help but to think you would if ur having penetrative sex since the penis(or whatever else ur using) would be poking the cup during thrusts. Also what are chances of the cup tearing or falling out during sex and can u feel it when its in? Does the cup have any impact on condoms? can he feel it? Will the cup cause me to be drier than normal since its catching my natural lube as well as the blood? Ive never used a cup but im considering getting one for sex during my period. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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