Alyce (thalionhiril) wrote in vaginapagina,

Puzzled... and slightly freaked out

I have a history of very irregular periods and was diagnosed with pcos by my midwife (who I'm waiting to hear back from, but freaking out and need some reassurance...).  My periods have been getting more and more regular after following an herbal tincture/vitamin regimen prescribed by my ND but overall my experience with typical menstrual cycles is limited.  My last cycle began on the 19th and I stopped bleeding on the 24th.  Two days ago I started spotting, very lightly, mild cramping.  Yesterday I didn't really notice any.  Today the spotting is a tad heavier with some teeny, tiny clots and a bit heavier cramping, but not unbearable.  Also quite a bit of discharge... very eggwhite-creamy in consistancy.  No YI or BV symptoms that I can think of, but I did read that bleeding can be a sign of infection.  

I'm 99.9% positive I'm not pregnant.  I haven't had sex with my husband since my last period, but he did use his fingers inside me a day or two before the spotting started.  That is what I originally attributed it to, but now... no idea.  A brief google search has left me feeling completely freaked out and I'm sure it'll be at least a day or two until my midwife gets back to me.
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