welniuke (welniuke) wrote in vaginapagina,

What is the possibility of pregnancy

Hello. I seem to be having a bit of a pregnancy scare right now... So I ended up having unprotected sex with my boyfriend two times in one day(he urinated in between and I also urinated both times almost right after, sorry for tmi) and I should mention he pulled out both times. It was right before my period, technically about 3-4 days before it, but it started 2 days after intercourse. It was a normal period, light(but it's always like that) and really red. After that I have been feeling absolutely the same as always except for being stressed about the unlikely possibility of pregnancy. Also by my cm I'm quite sure I know that there was no possibility of me having a very late ovulation I can kind of count back as to when it might have happened by my cm. I should be expecting a period around August 12th. The reason why I'm asking is to know how likely I am to get pregnant? The problem is that I'm underage and as You can see not the brightest of minds... I've missed a period last month because of a pregnancy scare(even though it was impossible I even had a negative test). Thank You for any answer I might get.
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