demiraks_world (demiraks_world) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV and Boric acid

I am on my 4th bout of BV in about a year. (well, I'm pretty certain I have/am getting it again - so much discharge!)
I've done the antibiotics. Take probiotics and Vitamin D nearly every day, as suggested by my Dr. Yet, here I am again.

So, I've seen information posted here about using boric acid. Information on the internet seems to be torn - some say yes it helps with BV, some say it is only used to treat yeast infections, and one article I read suggested that you should get treated with anti-biotics and THEN use the boric acid to keep it way.

There's just so much conflicting information and I want to know if there is anyone here who was DIAGNOSED with BV and who actually USED boric acid to treat it. I'm at my wits end here and cannot afford to keep going back to the Dr. with this!
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