~* (funkyfresh) wrote in vaginapagina,

Am I doing this right?

I know I know, another parsley tea question! I just started a vitamin C/parsley tea combo last night.. I took 3 1000mg vitamin C pills at around 8:00 pm, chugged a cup of parsley tea (boiled water, took off hot stove and threw a good amount of dried parsley flakes in there, let it sit for about an hour then chugged... ugh) and around 10:30 I took 2 more 1000 mg vitamin C pills. Went to sleep, had some very mild cramping (could have just been gas lol) and drank a parsley tea infu sion upon waking around 10 am this morning. I'm about to down 3 more vitamin C pills. If I continue to do this and if it WILL work for me, how long until I should expect to get my period? I really hope I get it soon... I go on vacation on the 8th and am set to get my period the 9th or 10th so I'm trying to start it and be done with it about a week early. Wishful thinking probably but it's worth a try :/

For those of you who have successfully done this, should I be doing anything differently? Adding anything? I've been hearing about black cohash and dong quai but am worried about totally messing up my hormones. Any and all help/advice greatly appreciated!!!
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