jenn360 (jenn360) wrote in vaginapagina,

Withdrawal Method

Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this and answer my questions.

To start off, I know this method doesn't come highly recommended by everyone and I know anytime there is "penis/vagina contact" there is a chance for pregnancy.

I went off BC a couple of months ago, had a horrible experience, experienced crazy hair shedding, etc. So I've been hesitant to go back on a pill now. This month my bf and I have been using the withdrawal method when we have sex. He always urinates before we do anything to clear out any sperm and he pulls out well in advance, I'm talking he pulls out at LEAST 5 - 10 minutes before. He is very good at controlling it, he's older and knows what he is doing when it comes to that. It's never like we have sex and he pulls out right as he is about to ejaculate or "oops I happened to ejaculate a little inside you". That has never happened. His semen never goes anywhere near my vagina. Now I know pre cum can possibly contain sperm, but I hear a lot of conflicting reports and opinions on this. I guess what I am asking is, how likely is it really for me to get pregnant from this this month considering he urinates before (making his pre-cum sperm-free, right? and he pulls out much before ejaculation)? I'm assuming we did this once or twice near/during my fertile time. Just curious what your thoughts are. I know there is always a chance anytime you have sex, but how nervous should I be, is it likely enough that I should be concerned?

Thank you!!
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