auroras_dreamer (auroras_dreamer) wrote in vaginapagina,

bc question

Okay I'm kind of freaking out a bit, I have a friend that just got pregnant while on birth control, and we were talking and several people I know have now told me they were on BC when getting pregnant... Well I'm also on Topamax, which I just looked up for risks of pregnancy while on this, it's a category D stating that if taken when pregnant increases risks of cleft pallet so I've been stressing about that fact too, I hadn't taken it for a few days, and while reading pregnancy risks, it also states that it can lower the effectiveness of the BC something no one had told me, so I'm concerned.... I have been with my boyfriend a total of 3 times, none of which we used condoms. So now reading this I'm concerned??? I guess I should just start using back up protection, which stinks because I totally went on the pill so that I didn't have to worry about condoms. Thoughts??
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