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HSV-2 worries.

Hello all!

So about 2-3 weeks ago I cut my labia minora while shaving (OUCH), which caused some abrasions. It hurt a lot to pee but didn't notice any other symptoms.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago. I still had the sore from the razor but it was healing. I was taking a 3-4 hr road trip with a friend and noticed that the area where my butt ends and thighs begin was kind of annoyingly sore. I pushed it off as part of the car ride. A few days later, the pain started getting more frequent and extending down my legs. If any of you have had bad "growing pains" as a child, then that's what they are like. The pains are also in both legs. While this was occurring, my vagina was somewhat burning and my anus was very sore. I've been having frequent diarrhea for months so thought it was because of that. However, my bowels had become firm when the pain started so it made it more painful to use the bathroom. The leg pain would come and go, sometimes both legs, sometimes one, sometimes just the calf, etc. But the pain is ALWAYS in the back of the legs, and seems to be mostly triggered when I'm being inactive (laying down or sitting for long periods of time). Tylenol helps some, but it'll come back. It isn't constant, but frequent.

After doing my own research and scaring the crap out of myself, I called my gyno. She told me that I should come in for a blood test to test for HSV-2. I about dropped the phone.

They drew blood last Thursday. I called Friday to seek any info and they told me "Your preliminary labs show exposure to HSV sometime in the last 3 months". (Insert panic)

In the last three months, I have had 3 partners, two of which have HSV-1 (cold sores). All are getting tested but have had NO symptoms like mine or any pointing to HSV-2. The partner I'm suspecting did have intercourse with someone while we were on a break, and after speaking with her, she said he had been the first in awhile and would get tested. The other one gets tested regularly and the third guy who also has HSV-1 has only had intercourse with me (I know he isn't lying since he's a really bad liar and hasn't experienced symptoms either.

So here I am, waiting for results, and ready to jump out of my skin. I haven't had any sort of "outbreak of sores" or abnormal discharge that's alarming. Here are the symptoms I've experienced over the last 2ish weeks.

Burning and itching in and a little around the vagina (changes each day)
Burning and itching around anus along with pain when passing bowels (also changes every day. Today it's itchy)
Bad pains in back of legs (this is every day but switches spots and sometimes is even down to my ankle/bottom of foot)
No other partners have had symptoms
2 out of 3 partners have HSV-1

So in general, I'm scared, angry, ashamed, all the biggies. I'm very careful about who I have intercourse with. I don't know what to think. I guess I just need some nice words or maybe another explanation?
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