perigrine (perigrine) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI's, is it or not?

I've been to the Dr today for antibiotics for a UTI that involved urinating blood 24 hours ago. However, unlike previous UTI's (many many years ago - I don't think I've been to my current Dr previously for a UTI, which means its over a decade) there was no 'burning' or 'frequency' or 'full bladder after peeing' happening. The entrance to my urethra was sort of 'tickly' at the end of normal peeing over 4 days - until the blood. With the blood came the non emptied bladder feeling, and 'straining' (to get the last drops out).

Because this episode has been almost symptom free (and I nearly passed on calling the Dr today coz everything felt better), I am wondering if the other tickly-urethra-after-peeing times have been minor UTI's that haven't done anything. I have that feeling reasonably often, (perhaps even monthly. I haven't taken THAT much notice), but not often enough to see the Dr I guess.

When is a 'funny feeling while peeing' a mild UTI, and when is it not?
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