redheadedrebel (redheadedrebel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Inducing my period

So I'm pretty sure I'm currently ovulating or just finished(cervical fluid like crazy, hormonal acne starting to pop up, feels like my biological clock is on overdrive, super aware of attractive males(I feel like a teenager), and quite horny to where my dreams are usually sexual... which always happens at this point in my cycle) which means my period(my period... not a withdrawl bleed) will be arriving at a bad time.
I don't keep exact records, but I do use the monthly info website to have records of when I do start... I like the little reminders, seeing it charted out, and I'm not sexually active nor I have I ever been. I've been pretty regular in that lately I'm every 28 days to be exact. Only one big problem... I'm suppose to start the week that I have a pretty important trip/vacation planned and no one likes to have to deal with a period while on vacation. I usually just deal with it and say thats just life, but I'd like to attempt to hurry it up a few days early... I can deal with end of period stuff while on vacation, but not my usual first couple of days.

Now I've read through the tags and such on this, so I get the parsley tea and vitamin C as possible options to speed things along. And I'm sorry to be another person asking this, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.,,,

I can't do parsley tea because well its a conversation I rather not have when I'm seen fixing it. And I don't think I could manage to drink it anyways. If I can find it, would parsley leaf in a capsule form work in the same way that the tea would?

Now this part may kinda sound silly... I always keep Airborne around(I'm a substitute teacher and constantly exposed to whatever the kids in the different classes get... and it seems to help keep my immune system stronger) and it has 1000mg Vitamin C in it(it doesn't mention bioflavnoids or whatever I read to make sure that the vitamin C does not contain for this purpose). Now I'm not wanting to use this to induce my period but can I start using it a little more routinely(like you would for a cold, which I'm starting to feel anyways... cold plus period on vacation would be make for a less than happy me) until I get ahold of the plain vitamin C to do the actual inducing? I would stop taking the Airborne when I get the actual vitamin C because that would be probably be overkill.

So could parsley leaf capsules work and how many mgs would I need to take/ how often? And in your experience, how many days of either taking the parsley or the vitamin C before seeing results? Or any other things that seem to help induce a natural period?
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