rosewein (rosewein) wrote in vaginapagina,

hello, seems cysts might be flavor of the month.

So I have what I suspect is a cyst of some kind, I suspect Bartholin’s cyst. They happen usually during my high fertile time, and go away on there own. It has been very hot recently and sweat seems to be a factor. I have actually tried to report to a nurse who was doing a smear but she couldn't see anything. I will have to go to a drop in clinic when i know its at its worse, as it was getting better at this point.

I tried to photograph the other day and the infected area looks mostly normal, a bump of tissue similar to the local area, it appears pinker,I tend to be quite dark down there, but no major differences.

there is slight pain and a hardness, interestingly this has only started happening since I had my son 4 years ago. The internet says it can be a reaction to std, but i've had my tests several times since this has begun.
Gonococcus,Chlamydia trachomatis , Escherichia coli ,Haemophilus influenzae are sited causes on N.H.S. direct website.
I guess the question is, although its always temporary is there options open to me i'm not thinking of?
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