the_bone_doctor (the_bone_doctor) wrote in vaginapagina,

My Period is AWOL- How Do I Get it Back?

All throughout my reproductive years until now, I have been extraordinarily regular- a 26 day cycle like clockwork with noticeable ovulation and cervical change patterns.  However, it suddenly stopped and I haven't had a period for over three months now!

I do have a history of anorexia, and four months ago lost enough weight to trigger amenorrhea, but I got my anorexia under control and gained the weight  back within a month.  Yet my period still hasn't come!  I am certainly under stress (school, work, finances), but honestly, I'm always fairly stressed and kind of thrive on it.  I am only 30 so I'd be shocked if this was perimenopause.  I am definitely not pregnant and have not changed any medications recently.

I miss my period and am rather concerned.  Should I be?  I read somewhere that uterine cancer risk goes up if you miss a period for over 90 days.  I have no idea if this is true and don't remember where I read it.  But I actually like my period, as I have the most creative productivity during that time.  So how do I get it back?

I tried parsley tea and pessaries and they did not work.  They have worked for me in the past to encourage my period to come early in cases of vacations and such.  But not this time.

I have emergency contraception- would that jump start it?

I do not have health insurance and can't afford Planned Parenthood.  I do however have access to a primary care provider at a sliding scale clinic.  However, they do not have an ultrasound machine so I would be limited to a pelvic exam and blood/urine/swab testing.  Would this be helpful?  Or would they just give me progesterone?

TL;DR: My period has  been missing for over 3 months. Is this something to be concerned about? How can I encourage it to come back?

Thanks in advance, y'all.
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