Que sera? Erotic Hurrah (hashishinahooka) wrote in vaginapagina,
Que sera? Erotic Hurrah

Should I Be Worried?

I have read conflicting information about pain during penetration, so I need to know how worried I should be.

I am 27 and new to vaginal sex. I've been having vaginal sex for about 3 months now. Every time my partner enters my vagina, it hurts. We use lube. We always engage in foreplay. He goes slowly. I always try to relax my vaginal muscles. It still hurts. Once he gets in, it stops hurting for awhile, but I almost always end up sore in the middle of sex. It's a burning soreness. It doesn't last for a very long time or anything.

Outside of this, I am also still experiencing trouble inserting tampons. I decided to try using tampons for the first time two months ago, and it just hurt. I've also had three pap smears in the past that were really painful.

Should I be worried about this or could this be normal for me? Aside from the pain I experience during pap smears, none of this is really traumatic or bad enough that it's affecting the quality of my sex life, but I've read it can be the sign of other problems, and I'm wondering how true that is.
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