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What should I expect from Essure/tubal ligation and GA

A few niggly questions/concerns.

On Monday I went in to hospital to get my tubes done with the Essure procedure. I read the paperwork and Googled, but it seems I didn't read enough. One of my tubes wasn't accessible for the spring, and so it was clipped. (Co-incidentally this is the more painful side if it ovulates).

Because I had a general anaesthetic, going from the Essure to abdominal surgery was ok. What I wasn't told was 'what happens after a GA/key hole surgery.' Of course, I didn't think to research that before going in to find out the details, not expecting to have an issue with the placement of the Essure.

I know (now) I could bleed for a bit. This wasn't in the literature. All THAT said was "Some women experience mild discomfort or cramping similar to a normal monthly cycle, during or after the procedure." I'm interested in where the blood is coming from - cervix or tube? I expect that if it gets brighter and more prevalent its something to worry about.

How long does feeling very average last after GA? I've not ever had a proper operation (I had a D&C 19 years ago), so I have no idea, and no one told me at the hospital. I've since been told that walking to the bus wasn't a good idea. On top of not being told that, I also wasn't told (or my brain wasn't functioning) how to look after the incisions. They have water proof dressings over them..but how long are they meant to be on? When I left the hospital the nurse didn't check to make sure they were ok either. Again, common sense says that if either site gets hot and red then its time to worry. Do I change the dressings or just remove them? and when?

I'm told the shoulder pains are from the gas, but what are the other aches and pains from? still the gas? being manipulated while out to it?

The clipped side is starting to get a bit more ouchy, is this a common thing? (feels like regular ovulation pain - which it could well be) How do I gauge a 'problem'? I can feel a swelling under the skin on that side. Is that just from the trauma of being poked and prodded? (can the clip come undone?)

Random question, but would the surgeon have checked for ovarian/uterine abnormalities while in there? (I would have loved to have had a look..but I'm a bit gory like that)
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