celery_soda (celery_soda) wrote in vaginapagina,

How to relax during entry?

I have been having penetrative sex with my partner since early March. I posted a while ago asking for help because entry was still hurting quite a  bit after I'd been having sex for a couple months.

Well, entry is much less painful, but unless I am very relaxed and randy,  it still hurts. There is one spot especially, about halfway inside my vagina, where it feels like the head of his penis is catching on me -- like a hangnail on a sweater. The thing is, I don't feel this spot tightening up until he gets close to it. I warn him when he is about to hit it and he stops until I can re-relax the spot. He doesn't mind it, and is willing to say nice, soothing things to me which help me. He always brings me to orgasm by going down on me before he enters me, which is incredibly helpful.

I just wish we didn't have to stop/start entry. I am worried that the drama surrounding it is just making me more nervous -- that this is psychosomatic and not purely physical. I've asked my partner to "power through" it, but he A) didn't want to cause any pain and B) suggested that the pain brought on by powering through would only reinforce any psychological trigger I have already, which makes sense.

Any tips on relaxing/meditating that will relax me without taking me out of the (sexual) moment? 
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