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Thyroid info

So, this isn't vag related, but it's something that has come up on this comm a lot and I'd love to have some help/input. I really think I've got low thyroid, even though my TSH isn't at the "common" high range. However, I've got many of the symptoms and I'd like to try getting my TSH lower. My current TSH level is 2.7, which has increased from 2.4 in February of this year.

I've found an endocrinologist and he's ... skeptical. I know that the AACE has guidelines which show that the newer upper and lower limits for TSH top out at 3 rather than 5, but I can't find the actual report. I'm going to see him tomorrow and I've got some stuff printed out - stuff showing the common symptoms and such, but I'd love to have the AACE report with me as well. The lab he uses shows a normal range of .450 - 4.50 for TSH.

Do any of you know where I could find it online, or at least an extract of it?

I'm sort of at my wits end with these symptoms and I really want to get him to be willing to try treating my thyroid. If bringing my TSH down doesn't help, I'll try something else, but low thyroid fits what's going on.

I'm unable to lose weight, no matter how much I exercise and eat a low-calorie healthy diet, I'm always tired, I am unable to concentrate for long periods of time and often lose track of what I'm reading or watching or working on and have to start over (luckily, driving doesn't seem to be a problem, but it's worrisome, you know?), I can't remember things very well any more, I'm lethargic and depressed, I'm always cold (always), I'm constipated, my hair's thinning (I'm losing handsful every time I brush), and I've got high cholesterol, even though I don't eat a diet that should lead to it.

When I first talked to this doctor, he told me that he thinks I'm "just depressed" and that I should take SSRIs and see a therapist. I'm hoping that I can convince him tomorrow to at least give thyroid treatment a try - I know the difference between feeling depressed and having depression, and I know that I'm lucky that I don't actually have depression.

I can't find a different endocrinologist, because my insurance won't cover anybody else, so at this point, I'm sort of stuck with him.

ETA: I forgot to mention - I had a uterine hysterectomy 8 or so years ago, so I don't have any menstrual symptoms... as I don't menstruate. (And, on a different note, all my doctors know I've had the hysterectomy - why do they ask me for the date of my last period every single time I go in? I'll admit that I'm amused at their horrified expressions when I say, "Eight years ago." every time they ask.)

Any help you lovely people could give me will be cherished - thank you SO MUCH in advance.


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