paperflowers16 (paperflowers16) wrote in vaginapagina,

OBGYN office no longer in service? Need refill

So I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm in a huge bind. I need a refill on my Generess FE but the pharmacy said I didn't have anymore refills. So I called the office of the gyno that I see and their phones are not in service. I called their satellite office in another city and the same thing.. I emailed them and have not received a response. I called the pharmacy back and they said something about a note saying they are no longer in practice.. They still sent them a fax but to no avail. I called my general practitioner's office today and the office manager I spoke to said they don't know anything about the office closing down and didn't have any answers or solutions for me except that I needed to come in and get a pap smear. well, i'm on my period so that's not a possibility.. she said they will not write a one-month script for the pills and said there was nothing they could do for me. i'm LIVID. i don't know what happened to the office, was never notified and have no clue where my patient file is if they are indeed no longer in business. I need a refill stat and now have to screw up my cycle because i have to wait for my period to wrap and get a pap and wait on those results.. are there any other avenues i can take? is there a way to find out what happened to the office? The only thing the girl at my GP's office said was to go to a walk-in clinic but i doubt they will do anything for me.. i just need an emergency pack for the month. help!
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