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New Fun Stuff!

  Does anyone else out there with vvs/vulvodynia/pelvic floor dysfunction get the feeling that these disorders are like that game Whack-A-Mole? It seems like the minute one symptom is resolved another one rears its ugly head.
  For me, it went from chronic UTIs to cystitis to shortening of the pelvic floor muscles to vulvodynia/vvs in the space of about fifteen years with some breaks in between and very few overlaps. And like clockwork, just as my vvs is beginning to FINALLY die down after visits to the functional medicine doctor and the acupuncturist, a new thing starts rooting itself down in my ladybits, gearing up for a long stay. The symptoms are peculiar, and no one I've seen so far can tell me what they are, which is something I am getting more and more used to regarding the parts down there that make us with the uteri different from those with the testes (but it's still unacceptable! Why don't we know more about this sensitive, complex and "taboo" area?). So I thought I'd present them to you all and see if you have any wisdom to share. Resources are resources.
  So about four months ago I attended a concert (I believe I posted about this particular part), to which I wore non-breathable underwear and pantyhose (seriously stupid, don't do it! Thigh-highs are sexy!). About halfway through, I stood up to go to the bathroom, and pretty instantly started to feel little pinpricks of itching and burning around my pubic bone and labia majora. The skin of those areas then began to sting and burn horribly, and I assumed it was sweat rash and chafing. So I hobbled home, washed the area, applied Vaseline to the outside, and after a few days, the raw, scraped feeling that had developed began to fade. Two weeks later it had all gone away, or so I thought. But over the next couple of months it kept recurring, when I sat down for too long on a less than comfortable chair or wore underwear for too long or when I walked too much (like over half a mile). It was like I kept reopening an old wound, except there was no wound to be seen! That was the part that baffled my doctors: there was no rash, no redness, no irritation. No boils, no dry patches or pustules or warts. So I would avoid sweat-producing activities (that really sucked, especially now that it's summer) and other irritants, but I HAVE to walk occasionally, so after that I rest the area, don't wear underwear, etc. for about three days. The skin feels raw to the touch or just hurt and almost numb in places, and sometimes it seems to burn or feel cold. The most overwhelming sensation, though, is relatively recent and feels like my pubic hairs are being yanked, like all achy and inflamed. Kind of like the skin's been sunburned (it hasn't).
  (A little background: I still so have pelvic floor dysfunction, though it hasn't flared up in a while, and I do have vulvodynia. Recently I was screened for systemic yeast a possible cause of lots of stuff, and it turns out I have it.)
  My current theory includes excessive sweat that encouraged the candida growth on my skin (like jock itch) and some kind of nerve damage that resulted from it (my nerves in that area are already pretty fragile). I have no idea whether any of that makes sense, because, as I keep telling doctors, I am not a doctor!
  Any input would be nice! Has anyone felt this pubic trauma thing before in connection with any of these conditions?
  For me, evidently, lightning strikes the same place many many times in a row. I think, as far as energy medicine is concerned, I have a distinctly blocked root chakra.
  Be well!
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