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And once again a pregnacny question ...


Hello All,

I have a strange question to ask, and yes it’s another pregnancy question.

Can you still get a period and be pregnant?

The reason why I ask this is because I have never been regular, except for this last year and even then it fluctuates.

I would go 6-18-36 months without a period, then I started spirolactone and Metformin and lost 55 lbs. and now I get my period ever 28-32-35 days (never consistent). I usually bleed for 5 days, the first 3 days I will go through a tampon and pad about every hour or two then I go to a normal flow for days 4 & 5. Sometimes for the first two days I am so heavy and cramping that I can’t even use a tampon, just a pad and I bleed through all the time.

This month I got it on day 35 of my cycle and I was able to use a tampon, without a pad and was able to change every 4-6 hours. It was heavy for the first day but nothing super heavy like normal and I had minimal cramping. It stopped completely half way through day three.

I do know a woman’s body can be funky and do its own thing when it wants to … would this be one of those times?

I have been having unusual amounts of sex with no protection, so pregnancy is a possibility … should I go grab a pregnancy test? The only sign I can see as of right now for pregnancy would be that I have sore breasts and I have been unable to sleep well (at least I don’t feel like I have) and so I am super tired.

Thank you in advance for any advice, this community rocks and you are all the best.

Oh, and by the way … if I was pregnant … I will be doing jumping jacks and cartwheels … I would be so ecstatic.

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