Shelley (i_square_jere) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chronic Vulvar and Labial Cysts

Hey friends.

I know this topic gets posted about a lot, but I'm not sure if what I have is normal or if there's something terribly wrong or what.

I've had chronic cysts on my entire genital area since a few years after puberty. Sometimes they're small and painless, and sometimes their huge and painful. I get them mostly on the insides of my inner labia and in the creases between the inner and outer labia. I almost always have at least one.

I've used different kinds of washing techniques, including just warm water, ivory soap, and specialized vaginal wash. None of those seem to make a difference.

I've only had one sexual partner and I am his only sexual partner, so an STI seems 99% impossible.

I have a pretty bad one right now near my perineum that I got a picture of and will post under the cut.


For some reason it won't upload as rotated, so rotate your head to the right. You can see the cyst on my left labia minora near my perineum. It's maybe a little bigger than a kidney bean. There's a dark spot in the middle which I thought was a head or a vent or something, but it's not.

Any ideas?

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