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MMMMonday! Special Edition: Guest Posting!

This is the second of two MMMMonday posts this week - the first one, which is one person's experience of the Texas abortion bill protests, can be found over here. Please check it out, and also give us some feedback on this post!

If you read here regularly, you are probably aware that we do a weekly featured post on Mondays, also known as the MMMMonday post.

We've done polls, giveaways, discussion questions, and pieces written by all kinds of folks about subjects we think would interest our members. And this is where you all come in today! We're looking for some guest posters. Do you have a blog, or enjoy writing about subjects you're interested in and passionate about? Do you write about things that fall within VP's wider umbrella of subject matter? Think sexual health and wellness, but also social justice issues, health care, feminist matters, certain types of personal life experiences, info about your work in relevant careers or volunteering, etc. etc. We are always trying to diversify the voices heard in VP and the subject matter posted here, and for that reason we are especially hoping to hear from writers of color, folks with disabilities, queer, trans*, and gender nonconforming folks, and other marginalized groups, as well as people who don't live in the U.S. That said, anyone is welcome to submit writing and we would be happy to hear from any of you!

If you have a post you'd like to write or share with us (it could be something you've published elsewhere if you're comfortable with us reposting it in VP), please send us an email ( We will review the piece and let you know if it's something that would work well as a MMMMonday post, and if it is we'll put it on our posting schedule! As the author, you would always be welcome to follow the post and engage with commenters, of course, and we'd be happy to link back to your blog/website/whatever you like to let people know where to find more of your writing, if you have more you'd like people to see. If that sounds good to you, drop us a line! We'd really appreciate it.

We'd also like to know what you'd like to see more of in guest posts. Any subjects you're especially interested in, things you think we're neglecting, voices you'd like to hear? Let us know. And if you feel like you could help fill any of those gaps, we'd especially love to know that. :)

Thanks VPers!
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