rubyxmermaid (rubyxmermaid) wrote in vaginapagina,

Douching for yeast/BV

I am on my 4th yeast infection of this year already after only having two in my life before.

I've been able to kick the yeast via garlic/oil of oregano/gentian violet in the past.... but this one seems a bit persistant and I was worried it may be BV. I heard a hydrogen peroxide douche would work for either.

Those with experience using this method: how many days did you douche and how often? I have read once a day until symptoms clear up is best. I did this first tonight with a solution of one cup distilled water, 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide and 3-4 drops of tea tree. I think I will add some vinegar to the mix in the future.

I was very surprised in how it did not hurt or sting at all! It was actually pretty refreshing and I already feel a little better. This was my first time and though I do not plan on making it a habit, it would be nice to have a very low cost option for my frequent yeast infections.

I realize I should probably investigate my reoccurring yeast infections, but I am not going to be insured until next month so I need to find a over the counter solution for now.

I use no soap on my vagina anymore for months, always cotton underwear, no feminine products (Mirena IUD, no period) except very occasionally a menstrual cup if I do bleed a little.

I'm not a swimmer (not sitting around in a wet bathing suit)... the only thing that could be causing them is my new found love of oral sex.... which definitely is a leading culprit (I have been dating the guy now - who enjoys giving oral- exactly 6 months, during which I have had 4 infections- hadn't had one for a couple years prior)

I tried to tag "yeast infections and douching" and got the error message : "Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal" please help
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