amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI Question

Guys, maybe ya'll can help me out here.

I get UTI's often but I always kno when I'm having  a flare up and I take AZO pills b4 the symptoms get too bad. I have a heavy bladder feeling and feel like i have to go pee every 5mins and just feel extremely uncomfortable and can't sit or lay or stand or anything. I think mine gets worse bc I have anxiety and I start feelin really anxious and make it 10x's worse that it is -- esp when all I want to do is pee. After I get my AZO's in my system (or for the really bad ones get antibiotics for it) I get to feeling better in 24/48hrs.

My question --

My gf has a UTI (or atleast that's wat the ER doc diagnosed her with). And they did a urine sample (I've had that done at both ER's around here b4, my pcp has ordered it a couple times bc he's caught a UTI on me, and soo has my gyno) but they also did an ultra sound on her. I've never had an ultra sound done but I have had x-rays and ct scans done bc 1x they didnt kno wat was causing my pain since the UTI and pregnancy test were both negative on me.

Is it normal that they did an ultra sound on her?? And is it normal for a UTI to cause ur ovaries to hurt and ur back?? I dont usually have these pains when I have my UTI symptoms, just maybe a lil pain in my lower abdomen (like very uncomfortable -- not to where it interfers in my daily routine or anything) but mostly a full bladder feeling is the signal to me that something is wrong. But she did wait 2wks b4 she went to the ER. Soo we assume that is why her pain && symptoms are a lil different from when I have one.

They told her that it was from her wiping back to front when she pees (which this happened to my mom 1x when I was younger and this is why I tryin wipe front to back but I have weird ph anyways and stay yeasty all the time and if I just sweat a lil bit I have a yeast infection or rash or something down in my girly bits).

Soo wat do ya'll think?? Any info would be greatly appreciated bc eventho I have UTI's quite frequently she doesnt think my reasons for getting em are the same reasons she's gotten one since she swears this is the 1st on she's ever had and she's 30yrs old. Thnx.
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