There's no anecdote for irony (kudosirony) wrote in vaginapagina,
There's no anecdote for irony

To start BC or not

I've been on the pill for years. Earlier this month, I had an emergency with my horse that meant I lived at the barn for three days. Unfortunately, it didn't end well and I was in a daze for a few more. By the time I came out of it I realized I'd missed the start of my pills for the month - by five days. I was fairly positive that meant I should hold off until my next period, so that was the plan.

Now it's period week and it hasn't happened. It should have started Wednesday and here it is Saturday without a drop. I had awful cramps earlier in the week and today which was a big reason I started the pill. Its been a very stressful month between losing my horse, having just finished working 100hours in two weeks (I'm part time), and my diet hasn't been as healthy as normal. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm unsure if I should start the pill as I normally would or if I should wait until my period actually starts.

Yes, I have had sex this month. My boyfriend and I use a condom but we did have two instances this month where we forgot and started sans condom before remembering. Then we added the condom and went back to it. According to my Period app, that happened to be in my supposed fertility window (realized after the fact when I entered in we had been intimate).

So, so I start like normal or wait for my period? It's too soon for any testing, correct?
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