Phoenix_Chan54 (phoenix_chan54) wrote in vaginapagina,

Feminine supply donation

Hello! I just moved to a new house, and am in the process of sorting through a bunch of stuff. As I was sorting through m bathroom boxes, I noticed something: I have enough pads/tampons/etc. to open up a feminine hygiene store! I know there are places that accept donations of these items for underprivileged women, and was curious about donating. Much of what I have, while still individually wrapped, is out of the original box/bag. Does anyone know of a web site that will accept these donations by mail? I mostly use m Diva Cup/panty liners, so there is really no need for me to hang on to these other items, and it would be a shame to just throw them out when I know that someone can use them. Any input you ladies (and possibly gentlemen) can provide would be great! Thanks in advance! ^_^
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