AmandaTheStampede (vermillionlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

an interesting reaction with astroglide

I just wanted to post about a reaction I had with astroglide that I could not find any information online about.

I developed what felt like a yeast infection about a month ago. I read online that cutting sugars from your diet can starve the yeast, so I tried that. I stopped itching and the pain went away. So my SO and I attempted to have sex. It hurt, and I knew I still must have had a problem. So I got miconazole 7. during the treatment, my guy needed release, so I figured I'd give him a hand. I put some astroglide on him, and rubbed it around, then something really unusual happened-- it turned from clear and slippery to sticky and white! it was nasty! I attempted to keep going but it was just a mess. he looked at the bottle and saw glycerine in the ingredients, and then I realized that the glycerine must have been reacting with an overgrowth of yeast on him, yeast I spread to him when we attempted to have sex a week or so before. -_-

We got him some miconazole 7 too and he actually just finished 7 of 7 last night. I was thinking we would make sure the yeast is gone by putting a little astroglide on him and seeing if it changes. This feels like a bad idea but it's the only thing I can think of to make sure it's gone, he was not having any symptoms at all. even if looks normal he will get in the shower to rinse it off. I'm going to be throwing it away and getting a water based lube for next time. and I will have him wear a condom this time. if only I had made him wear a condom the first time, we wouldn't have been in this mess!
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