elfin_shadow (elfin_shadow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vulva/Vaginal pain?

Occasionally, I get pain around the area of my outer labia. I'm getting that again today (right side of my vulva) - an aching sort of pain, on and off, at times fairly painful. It's about a week or a little less before I'm supposed to start my period, and upon reflection, I think that this kind of pain I sometimes get seems to generally happen around this time (around a week before my period, or occasionally, I think, in the very middle of my cycle). Is this "normal"? What might it mean? Is it even related to my cycle at all?

I also sometimes will get "regular" cramps several days before my period begins, or more strangely, in the final days of my period and/or right after my period ends, if that's of any help - and I'll often get them in my lower back/thighs.

EDIT: So, I felt this deserved an update - while I do occasionally get vulva pain that has been associated with my period, when I posted this, it felt different somehow. The pain was only on one side, and it eventually spread so that at the end of the day I was in extreme pain on my right flank. I ended up going to the ER and - surprise - it ended up that I passed a kidney stone, which was the cause of my discomfort/pain all along!

I guess the "moral of the story" here is: don't ignore any pain/symptoms that seem strange or out of the ordinary!

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