Faye (fayefil) wrote in vaginapagina,

Non stop period on birth control

I'm 29 and have been on birth control pretty much since I was 20 or so. I stopped the pill in November after I broke up with my ex fiance. My current boyfriend and I were pretty much throwing caution to the wind but I decided to go ahead and start the pill again last month. I began taking them the Sunday after my period started, around June 12th and my period HAS NOT STOPPED since. I called my gyno who told me to double up pills for two days to see if that stopped it. It didn't so I called again and they said to stop the pill all together for five days to let my hormone levels balance out and then told me to start my new low dose pills today. I'M STILL BLEEDING and my gyno is closed for the holidays. Anyone else experience this? I have never had a problem with the pill before this year.
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