Allie (alliegata) wrote in vaginapagina,

Navel infection?

Hey everybody! Not sure where to turn, as this isn't a vagina question. It is, however, a kind of embarrassing health question! Who here has dealt with a belly button infection? I'm not talking about an infected piercing, mind you. Seriously, the belly button itself is wet and kind of crust. I don't know what happened, but suddenly the weather turned hot this week and BAM, infected belly button. What gives? I am overweight, which can't help, but i'm very clean and rarely sweat even during a heat wave. In fact, I've probably been bathing more since the summer weather began in earnest this month. What's the best way to treat this thing? It's not badly infect, just a little bit of odor and very small amounts of pus when I swab it out with a cotton ball. I just have no idea what to do!

*EDIT* You guys are AMAZING, thank you for all the suggestions! I feel a lot less weird about this now. :)
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