virucidal (virucidal) wrote in vaginapagina,

clitoral hood swelling/discoloration - callus?

hi everyone! i'm a longtime lurker hopeful that i can get some answers from here :)

i have a reasonably large (maybe a centimeter in diameter) area on my clitoral hood that i'm concerned about. it's markedly raised and very light in color, comparable to my natural skin tone, compared to the surrounding skin, which is a much duskier pink/almost brownish. i first noticed it at least 10 years ago (i'm 24) and it's stayed reasonably unchanged since then. it is sometimes a little tender, sometimes not at all, but never "OMG painful!" it feels fairly solid under the skin. (take-home message: it's overall really unsightly, at least to my eyes.)

this…thing?…is in the exact spot that i masturbate, so i'm sure it's from that. it's on the right side of my clitoral hood, and i'm right handed and rub that exact spot. i've only ever masturbated the one way, and i've done it for 20 years. i don't think i masturbate with inordinate frequency or anything. i'm therefore assuming it's a callus from frequent stimulation of the same spot, just like one would get calluses anywhere else on the body.

while the presence of this thing has always bothered me, it's never been an issue, because nobody but a doctor has ever seen my naked genitalia (and none of them have ever commented on this spot). i've never been sexually active before, but i'm now in a position where i suspect that will change sometime soon. i've been in a long distance relationship for several months that i suspect will involve one of us visiting the other at some point soon, and sexytimes will be happening if that happens. for some reason, of all the things i could get hyper-focused on with the whole "losing my virginity" thing, *this* is the issue i've chosen to fixate on. i'm sure i'm blowing it up to gargantuan proportions in my mind, but to my eye, this spot makes my entire vulva look really unappealing. (he is wonderful beyond wonderful, and i trust him enough not to be an ass about something like this…but still, i'd rather not have it there.)

does anyone have any thoughts about how to get rid of something like this? it's more the discoloration than the swelling that's alarming, i think. i'm not interested in anything as drastic as having it surgically excised (like a doctor would even do that!), but anything less intense is up for consideration, i think. one caveat: i would REALLY rather not discuss this with my doctor. i'll be honest if she brings it up first, but i have a lot of psychological hangups about my own sexual expression, and i would rather do pretty much anything than have to confess to masturbation. (no attempts at conversion to talking about it freely, please: i'm working on it, and i'm a slow learner in this department.)

i suspect the answer to my question is "no," but i figured i'd poll the masses and see what came of it. i appreciate any responses! thank you!
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