mara (spin) wrote in vaginapagina,

emotional and early period on bc - stress related? possible pregnancy

I've been on Alesse28 for 4 months now. When I started taking it I bled for the first two weeks, and I didn't get a period during the placebos. After that I adapted to the cycle and had my period about two days after starting the placebos.

This month I haven't even finished the actives - I still have two actives to go - and I started bleeding this morning. At first it was brown-ish and had (sorry! tmi) some clumps of tissue, and now it's bright red. Sometimes after rough sex (I also have chronic bv issues) I bleed, which wouldn't scare me, however it was about 15 hours after last having sex that I started bleeding.

I've never been more upset this week than I have my entire life. I've been a little *overly* emotional with my boyfriend leaving for two months, and was wondering if all my crying (literally on the verge of crying for three days straight and still going!) was actually due to my hormonal level... I know that stress can cause your periods to come late/early, however is that true while on bc? Because you aren't really experiencing menstruation. Could my emotions and this bleeding be a pregnancy? Or a miscarriage, due to my cramping and tissue discharge? I can safely rule out STDs as the cause.
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