Merridiel (merridiel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cramping 11 days after D&C

I had a D&C last Tuesday (June 18th). The reason was a thickened uterine lining, and he found and removed a polyp while he was there. My post-op appointment is scheduled for this upcoming Friday, July 5th.

I don't remember much about what they told me to expect. I was terrified before the procedure and drugged up after the procedure, so anything they told me then went in one ear and out the other. I do remember telling my doctor that the D&C coincided with my placebo week - the D&C was Tuesday morning and my first placebo pill was due Tuesday night. (I didn't take my pill Monday night either, because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to.) I vaguely remember being told that my cramps might be a bit worse than normal, but the rest I forget.

Anyway, Tuesday was cramp-filled but after that, the cramps pretty much stopped. I had very light bleeding and brown discharge for a few days, and that was the end of that.

Today (11 days after the D&C), period-like cramping started a few hours ago and hasn't stopped. It's not bad. I'm not bleeding, no discharge, etc. It's just... there.

I googled around a bit but a lot of the information I can find about D&Cs involve miscarriage, which isn't the case for me. The general responses that I saw involved a) the possibility of infection, but I don't have a fever, and wouldn't that have shown up sooner? b) the possibility that some retained tissue was missed, but I don't know if that pertains to me c) it's normal during the first 10 days to feel better and then feel worse, but I'm beyond 10 days now or d) if you physically exert yourself or experience high stress, that could trigger this - and I had both yesterday. (The doctor said no housework or physical exertion for 2 weeks. I behaved for 10 days and then I got restless.)

My mom also added in that I'm new to birth control pills (microgestin FE 1/20). During my first pack, my body was wonky the whole month. The second pack, my body behaved. I just started my third pack on Tuesday (the 25th). So I know I'm still in that stage where my body may not be in the groove yet. Since I didn't get a period last week during my placebo, my mom suggested that perhaps my body's ramping up to do it now.

Anyway. I thought I'd ask for your opinions. I can't call my doctor til Monday, so... there's not much that I can do besides wait and see anyway. Thank you for reading. <3
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