Erica (riccisue) wrote in vaginapagina,

"endometriosis" pain/laparoscopy/pain/kidney issues

Hello! Long story short, I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis in 2010 (after months of trying to figure out what my symptoms were). Said symptoms seemed to return very quickly & with a vengance this past month. Yesterday I had another laparoscopy & apparently there is no evidence that the endometriosis has returned. Some of the symptoms include GI issues (I do have IBS), nausea, back/stomach pain that had me doubled over. I also had an issue with my kidneys probably 9 months ago (small stone, that they didn't seem too worried about, & a kinked/spiraled ureter that seemed to have straightened itself out between the ultrasound & the CT scan). I thought maybe some of you might have a history of both endo & kidney issues, and therefore might be able to tell me if I should go back to the nephrologist/uroligist. TIA!! (FYI - I also have fibromyalia, so I'm used to pain on a regular basis. This does not feel, to me, like it's related to that.)
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