regitte (regitte) wrote in vaginapagina,

Out of curiosity, does anyone remember a time when OTC Monistat-like products worked?

Ok, what is the deal with OTC yeast infection products? Have they been overused and rendered ineffective? Do they work for anyone still? Is it possible people buy them and use them because they think they work because their yeast infections would have gone away in a few days on their own?

They haven't worked for me. And no, I didn't try the dreaded one-day pill that not even doctors will recommend.
Diflucan works for me, but in my country it's only available by prescription. Which is a pain in the ass, especially because I don't think one or two pills is enough sometimes. So should I resent having to go to the doctor, or should I thank my lucky stars it's not OTC? Have women in the UK become immune to fluconazole?
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